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On April 12 the second concentration organized by the club Locos por las Clásicos in Alhama de Almería was held, with the collaboration of the city council of the town.

The sun finally appeared on Sunday morning to allow half a hundred vehicles, mainly cars, to congregate there.

Thanks to the organizers in this second edition of the event. We hope they continue for many years allowing us to enjoy these gems. I could appreciate the exhibition via internet. Where I see a very beautiful mini Austin that gleamed and his painting speaks for itself. It was so I bought my mini Austin from 1974. It was not in good condition, but that did not matter, it started with its reconstruction from end to end. He changed the body, suspension, paint and repaired the engine. It was completely restored with original accessories and parts.

Estévez, I said that some parts waited about 60 days until they arrive in Ecuador directly from England. Now that powerful car is valued more than 8000 USD. At the time he contacted other owners of vehicles of this class, the intention was to create a club.

In this way, as I repair it and adapt it with original pieces to a more modern design, I have tried to always keep the line of the British where the quality and exclusivity of owning a mini Austin is remarked. Despite all these changes the fans of the mini fight so that the classics do not go out of fashion and to gain space in international motorsport.